US Foreign Policy is Like Abortion

By Jon Kauffman

Natural consequences of a woman obtaining an abortion include: a multitude of physical complications or death both during and after abortion. Then she may suffer regret, anger, guilt, shame, depression, suicide, anxiety, relationship issues, alcoholism, drug addiction, and eating disorders. She killed an innocent baby.

Natural consequences for our veterans killing in a war include: death or injury in battle, PTSD, suicide, divorce, homelessness, alcoholism, and drug addiction. They kill innocent men, women and children. When they kill enemy soldiers, those soldiers are usually protecting their homes from invading US forces.

Joining our military is like working for Planned Parenthood. The President, Secretary of State and generals are like abortion doctors. Soldiers who kill are like women obtaining abortions. Soldiers who hold support positions are like fathers and boyfriends who coerce their daughters and girlfriends into obtaining an abortion and haul them off to the abortion clinic.

We must provide counseling, compassion and resources for soldiers, other victims of US foreign policy and victims of abortion. We need to provide education to help prevent abortion and US military service.

Should a Christian join a US military which commits so many unjust atrocities and does not even attempt to follow “just war” theory? The blood of the saints grows the church. What does the killing of innocent by American soldiers grow?

“The United States is the most violent country in the history of the World.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Copyright © 2017 by Jon Kauffman Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.


War tears innocent men, women and children limb to limb.


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