Science and the New Atheists

By Jon Kauffman

New Atheists Say: Scientific Discoveries have not been later proven wrong using religion:

Both Christians and atheist believe this statement is true. Atheists insinuate that this statement somehow disproves the validity of Christianity or the existence of God. It does not.

Another true statement:

Scientific discoveries have not disprove validity of Christianity.

Or another true statement:

Scientific discoveries question the validity atheism.

Science is not the right tool for proving or disproving a religion.

Science can only be used to test the physical universe. God as believed by Christians is outside the physical universe and is unavailable to science. We must logically infer that there is a God, because Jesus said that God is His Father. If Jesus rose from the dead, then we can believe he has access to great power. We can infer that because of that great power he knows what he is talking about when he says that God is His Father.

The resurrection of Jesus, is one of the best attested to events in history. The historical evidence is so strong that many, many people have been convinced that it is true. Science and logic can be used to test the evidence for the resurrection. For example, science can be used to determine the age of the Shroud of Turin to determine if it may be a useful piece of evidence to support the historical fact of the resurrection. When we have collected the evidence, we can deduce that the resurrection occurred because of the evidence.

Man cannot reproduce the circumstances around the resurrection; therefore the possibility of the resurrection cannot be scientifically proven through experimentation. It is also impossible for man to know all the ways a resurrection may have occurred; therefore it is impossible to prove that the resurrection did not occur through scientific experimentation.

Science can also be used to support certain atheist positions, such as “the world is round.” Atheism has existed far longer than Christianity. The book of Proverbs in the Bible discusses atheism and was written hundreds of years before Jesus came to earth. In the past some atheists have most likely believed that “the world is flat.” Science can be used to easily debunk such a possible atheistic belief.

Science can also be used to call into question claims made by certain Christians. For example: The earth was created 6,000 years ago. Many books have been written to show how recent scientific discoveries in physics and paleontology are compatible with a trust in Jesus. For example:

1.       “By Design, Science and the Search for God,” by Larry Witham

2.       “The Genesis Enigma, Why the Bible is Scientifically Accurate.” By Andrew Parker. Demonstrates that the theory of evolution is compatible with Genesis in the Bible.

3.    “Undeniable,” by Douglas Axe. Demonstrates that the Darwinian theory of Evolution is statistically impossible without the presence of an intelligent designer. Axe proves his position, then says, “Functional coherence makes accidental invention fantastically improbable and therefore physically impossible.” Page 189.

Science or historical-grammatical method may someday prove some of the assertions of these people wrong, but that will not invalidate the reasonableness of a belief in God. When I read “A Brief History of Time,” my belief in God was strengthened. While reading, I was amazed at the wonder of nature. I know that evidence for the resurrection makes belief in the existence of God logical and probable and I asked myself “How can Stephen Hawking be an atheist after seeing such natural wonder?” 

Science is quite compatible with the Christian belief in God.

Copyright © 2017 by Jon Kauffman Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.


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