Bob Ona, Pastor, Doctor of Philosophy

By Jon Kauffman

Pastor Bob Ona serves as Lead Pastor at First Assembly of God in Fargo, North Dakota.  Pastor Ona has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Integration of Religion and Society. His church pilots the Chi Alpha Ministries to evangelize university campuses. Chi Alpha Ministries is lead by staff pastor Brad Lewis. Dr. Ona has many other accomplishments.

A horseshoe bend in the North Fork Flathead River. Courtesy Leon Kauffman

I recently sent Dr. Ona an email. Dr. Ona kindly made a brief comment in response to my question:

How would you justify Christian participation in War?

Dr. Ona said:

Thanks for the email. My schedule won’t allow for a lengthy response to the issues you bring up.

As you know, Christians have struggled with these issues over the centuries.

Aquinas, building Augustine’s loosely formed concept of ‘just war’ has provided me with a classic set of precepts that come as close to providing justifications for war as anyone.

I have been in Cambodia after the fall of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, and in the Mosquito Coast following the brutality of the Sandinistas and have seen the injustice that was overcome by force or the erosion of resources. I remain thankful that the violence came to an end.

At times governments may dispense a form of justice, even though it will never match perfect justice. Of course I agree with your statement.

“Only God knows how to make things right and only God is capable of dispensing true justice.”

God bless,

Bob Ona, DPhil

Lead Pastor

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