Ryan Callahan, Author, Blogger and Everyday Minister

Ryan writes an excellent blog. He was kind enough to share his perspective about violence. See below. His blog is located at: Ryan Callahan’s Blog

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Good to meet you Jon. I agree that as followers of Jesus we should be men of peace. The Bible is also clear in 1 Corinthians 13:7 that love always protects. Defending your family is not a matter of violence. It is a matter of love.

I have been married to my wife for 18 years and we have two children, a daughter and a son. I love them with all my heart and I will protect them out of that love. Defending my family does not make me violent. I protect my family out of love. I will not allow someone to hurt my wife or children.

In middle school I witnessed a boy punching and shoving a girl. I ran over to him, pulled him away from her, and put him on the ground. He was the attacker, not me. He was being violent, not me. I defended the girl because that is what was right and I did it out of love, not violence.

When our daughter (our firstborn) was only 7 months old or so (back in 2008), my wife and I were sitting watching TV one night around 9 p.m. when several men ran up our front steps and began trying to kick in our door. I told my wife to go upstairs with our daughter and lock herself in our bedroom and call 911 while I ran to our closet to get my Glock 19 9mm pistol. The men were still kicking the door as I came downstairs with the gun ready as I was trained (my trainer was a 25 year SWAT trainer). I had the gun pointed at the door, but thankfully the men were not able to get through and they gave up. Police showed up about 10 minutes later with their guns drawn sweeping our property inside and out.

If those men had come through our front door, it would have been over in seconds. If they had come through the door and I wasn’t ready to defend my family, then my wife and daughter could have been hurt or killed. Would you rather your family be killed or would you protect them? I sure hope you would man up and protect them. I sure was ready and my wife was very thankful that I was downstairs ready to protect her and our beautiful little baby girl.

I have a duty to protect my wife and children and to put myself in harms way and even die for them if necessary. I am not violent. I love my family. I also thank God for our brave police and military who keep us safe every day. Praise God for men and women who are not afraid to stand up to evil and protect the country and people they love. Love always protects and God wants us to be strong and courageous for our families.

Grace and peace to you

Agent X also discusses an intruder who entered his home.

Author: nonviolentchristians

Jon Kauffman graduated from Goshen College, earning a BA in Religion. Jon attended a Mennonite Church while growing up and currently attends the Salvation Army Church. Jon works as a drafter at TrueNorth Steel, Fargo, ND.

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