War nostalgia and fragmented experience

Seven years after returning from Afghanistan, Steven shares his war experiences.

Thoughts from the Catholic Cave

Standing in a room making small talk with the others, I adjusted the coyote tan plate carrier hugging my torso and fitted a green tactical belt around my waist loaded with small pouches and a bayonet sheath. We were authorized to bring personal rifle magazines in lieu of the flimsier issued ones, if we so desired. I would happily bring my sturdy, reliable PMags and leave those rattly lightweight aluminum pieces of shit behind. With a small measure of nihilistic despair but mostly adrenaline-fueled enthusiasm I gleefully announced to the others in the room, “This might be our last day alive! ” Later that night I was abruptly informed that my K-9 would be swapped out for a different one I never certified with or even handled. Wait…what?

At the beginning of the first deployment.

I woke up on the couch with my cat nudging my shoulder. I felt a…

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Author: nonviolentchristians

Jon Kauffman graduated from Goshen College, earning a BA in Religion. Jon attended a Mennonite Church while growing up and currently attends the Salvation Army Church. Jon works as a drafter at TrueNorth Steel, Fargo, ND.

2 thoughts on “War nostalgia and fragmented experience”

  1. Thank you Jon for sharing this post authored by Steven. I find it thought provoking and gratifying how the life perspectives of others with different experiences can weave together with our own and Steven’s post is one of these posts that does that. God’s Grace and blessings my friend.

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