I’m a little overwhelmed…

Is it just me, or is the world insane?

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on a piece to put together what I have been blessed to see regarding what God has to say about the treatment of the poor and needy. This is a little overwhelming, and yet I know that the good Lord will walk me through it! As for myself… I’ll be kicking and screaming all the way through it! Yet… I know that this is what I am called to do! For the wretchedness… the broken hearts… the scandal that is the church today… and for God’s sake! He loves the poor so much!! I write this with tears filling my eyes as I was the elderly homeless man who was told to move on down the road this morning in the rain by a minister . It wasn’t the fact that he did this act of unkindness towards me personally so much. It was the…

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Author: Jon

Jon Kauffman graduated from Goshen College, earning a BA in Religion. Jon attended a Mennonite Church while growing up and currently attends the Salvation Army Church. Jon works as a drafter at TrueNorth Steel, Fargo, ND.

3 thoughts on “I’m a little overwhelmed…”

  1. Follow the Saviour! I AM THE WAY! In all actions etc.
    Yes my heart grieves about the injustices and ‘religion.’ in today’s church Separate the message of salvation from all the ‘clutter’ and we can SEE the reality of daily life.

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  2. I’m a little over whelmed from the lovely honor of you all reblogging the post!
    I’m very grateful to the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ, and his, Mother Mary for the grace to write what’s in my heart.
    Thank you very much for your support 😊
    God bless you and your family!

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