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Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Mark 12:41-44

Let’s review:

Jesus is at the temple in Jerusalem. He’s been making quite a stir (to put it mildly) between his riotous (yes, righteous too) actions and his incendiary preaching (which is tantamount to picking a fight (which will get him killed)) leading us to the offering box, then at that point (AT THAT POINT) in the story, he decides to sit down and watch people make their contributions to the temple of God.

Maybe you noticed that I put in bold all caps font there that it is AT THAT POINT in the story when Jesus decides to do this. Call me crazy, but I sense that says something about something.

The text reports that he observes many rich people make contributions. But then he sees a poor widow make a contribution. And the text evaluates the value of each. The rich put in “large…

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Author: Jon

Jon Kauffman graduated from Goshen College, earning a BA in Religion. Jon attended a Mennonite Church while growing up and currently attends the Salvation Army Church. Jon works as a drafter at TrueNorth Steel, Fargo, ND.

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