Interesting Views of the Ukraine Conflict

What Putin is doing is wrong but he has clear reasons why he is doing this.

Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? John Mearsheimer.

Foreign affairs expert Professor John J. Mearsheimer discusses history and causes of the current Ukraine/Russia conflict. NATO Expansion, European Union Expansion and promoting democracy.

Jim Rickards: Russia and Ukraine Explained

This war could have been avoided!

Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Ray McGovern and John Mearsheimer

Where we go from here? Who is to blame? How is Ukraine to Blame? How is Putin to blame? How is the US to blame? How is the European Union to blame? What is the involvement of China and India?

History of the region and attitudes that caused the war. How should the US respond?

Ukraine Update | Frederick Kagan By Jordan Peterson 3/4/2022

Russia, Ukraine, and the West | Frederick Kagan | The JBP Podcast | #230 By Jordan Peterson 2/28/2022

Perhaps the Russians are fighting a legal war of self-defense? Kovalik says 14,000 Russian speaking Ukrainians, Roma and members of the LGBT community have been killed in the last 8 years by Neo-Nazi who are now members of the Ukrainian military and police force. 500,000 people living in Donbass are also Russian citizens. 1,500,000 citizens of Donbass have been displaced by the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi.

Daniel Kovalik: Why Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine Is Legal Under International Law

Revised 4/27/2022

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