By Jon Kauffman

Many passages in both the Old and New Testament can be used to demonstrate that Jesus does not want us to use violence against our enemies. Many of the writings of the early Christian writers show that they felt Jesus did not want Christians to participate in violence. I plan to list blog posts that demonstrate that Jesus wants us to live non-violent lives.

Another stormy day, here one moves in over Holland Lake. Courtesy Leon Kauffman

Imagining a Different World

We are the Salt of the Earth

The Apostle John Rescues a Criminal Clement of Alexandria tells a story of how the Apostle John brings a violent man to Jesus.

Does Isaiah 2:3-4 Teach Christian Non-Violence

The Armor of God, Ephesians 6:11-17 Some Christians claim Ephesians 6 gives Christians permission to use violence. Does this passage teach non-violence?

Jesus and the Roman Centurion, Matthew 8:5-13 In Matthew 8 Jesus demonstrates loving enemies.

Does Romans 13 Justify Christian Participation in Violence? Romans 13 forbids Christians to participate in rebellion against the government. No where does the passage say we should participate in violence when the government asks us to do so.

The Violence that Saves Us

Jesus’ Kingdom, The Kingdom of God

Agent X, Blogger Agent X tells of his encounter with an intruder in his home.

Let Anyone who is Without Sin Fire the First Bullet (cf. John 8:7) by Introverted Evangelist

The Greatest Error in History: Christianity Placing Violence Under the Patronage of Jesus. by Father Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

The Spirituality of Christian Non-Violence Session 1, Tape 1 by Father Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

The Spirituality of Christian Non-Violence Session 1, Tape 2 by Father Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

Christians: We Can End War in 2020 by Keith Giles

A Brief Examination of “Biblical” Justifications for War by Marcy Gansler

The Abortion Story of God’s Forgiveness, Deliverance and Grace. by Sandra Oneal

Join Now: The Christian Anti-Terror Task Force by Keith Giles

The way Jesus fights in Revelation. “Holy War.”

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