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Peace Dove

Thomas Parr Williamson

My good friend, Tom was my pastor for 7 years when I was attending Pit Community Church in Pit Minnesota. Tom is also a painter and Marine. We disagreed on a few things, but Tom was great at getting me thinking about why I believe what I believe. Thomas Parr Williamson, Pastor, Artist, Marine

Brandon Adams

Recently I asked Brandon Adams, “As a veteran and a Christian, perhaps you can help me. I am asking for reasons based on the teachings of Jesus that support a Christian serving in the military.

Brandon answered my question with an excellent blog post: “Can Christians Serve in the Military.”

My response to Brandon: Brandon Adams, Veteran, Teacher

Bob Ona

Pastor Bob Ona serves as Lead Pastor at First Assembly of God in Fargo, North Dakota.  Pastor Ona has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Integration of Religion and Society. His church pilots the Chi Alpha Ministries to evangelize university campuses. Chi Alpha Ministries is lead by staff pastor Brad Lewis. Dr. Ona has many other accomplishments.

Bob Ona, Pastor, Doctor of Philosophy

Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan, Author, Blogger and Everyday Minister


For over 40 years I have been asking people why they feel it is acceptable for Christians to join the military.

Reasons Christians Give to Say Violence by Christians is Legitimate

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