Reasons to Believe

Why I am Not an Atheist, Part 2.; Atheism is Incompatible with Science. October 22, 2022

Why I am Not an Atheist, Part 1; Atheists Fail to Defend Their Position.
August 12, 2022

Is Christianity Good for People?

A Film: Against the Tide, Finding God in an Age of Science

Linda Lee Shares Her Testimony

Lieutenant Macy Theriot Shares her Testimony

Chains of Addiction Shattered by Grace

Fear of Death

Is it Possible to Forgive?

God Speaks – 9/11/2001

Dr. Douglas Petrovich to Publish books

Is Science Burying Atheism?

Debate, Atheism, and Love


The Case For Miracles

The Resurrection

Are We Asking The Wrong Question? by Keith Giles

What if Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection actually happened? by Stephen

Documentary Review: Patterns of Evidence the Moses Controversy

Documentary Review: Patterns of Evidence, The Exodus

Book Review: Lost Sea of the Exodus, A Modern Geographical Analysis, By Dr. Glen A. Fritz

The Apostle John Rescues a Criminal

Born Again


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