Dr. Douglas Petrovich to Publish books

Dr. Douglas Petrovich has written two excellent books that help us understand the origin of the Hebrew language and offer evidence of Israel in Egypt prior to Moses and the Exodus.

Dr. Petrovich is holding a fund raiser to ensure publication of these two important books.

Origins of the Hebrews (OOTH)

The World’s Oldest Alphabet (TWOA)

Douglas Petrovich presenting in his lecture series. (© 2020, Patterns of Evidence LLC)

Introduction to the Author and the Project

Welcome to the fundraising campaign for Origins of the Hebrews (OOTH) and The World’s Oldest Alphabet (TWOA), two books written by Dr. Douglas Petrovich, Professor of Biblical History and Exegesis at The Bible Seminary in Katy, Texas. Professor Petrovich is a biblical scholar, historian, archaeologist, Egyptologist, and epigrapher who specializes in the Israelite sojourn in Egypt and the world’s oldest alphabetic script, which was originated by Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, who developed this pictographic script by taking 22 signs from the hieroglyphic sign list and using them to represent the consonants in their alphabet. This invention led to our alphabet, which allows you to understand exactly what I am writing.

This campaign is being launched to reprint TWOA: Hebrew as the Language of the Proto-Consonantal Script, which was published in 2016 but went out of print in the first few months of 2020. At that time, the publisher (Carta, Jerusalem) was planning to reprint the book, but with the onset of COVID, their sales plummeted, because the majority of them come through foreign tourists who buy their books in Israeli and Palestinian shops. COVID obviously brought a halt to tourism, so TWOA was not able to be reprinted. Carta finally just approved the reprinting of TWOA, but they do not have the capital to pay for the printing. Hopefully, this campaign not only will lead to the printing of TWOA, but it will help to revive Carta, even if not completely.

TWOA features the translation and biblio-historical importance of 15 proto-consonantal Hebrew inscriptions dating from 1840-1446 BC, which falls within the 430 years during which biblical chronology requires that Jacob and his descendants resided in Egypt, before the exodus. The book also includes a section on Sinai 115 and its mostly-Middle-Egyptian caption that reads, “6 Levantines, Hebrews of Bethel the beloved,” which was inscribed by Joseph’s son, Manasseh, under his Egyptian name, Hebeded. Sinai 115, by far, represents the oldest attested non-biblical reference to the Hebrew/Israelite people (1842 BC).

Professor Petrovich’s second book, OOTH: New Evidence for Israelites in Egypt from Joseph to the Exodus, is being published for the first time. OOTH is a companion volume to TWOA, and it offers the results of groundbreaking research that provides evidence of Israelites in Egypt from Joseph’s day until the exodus, under Moses. This evidence exists in the form of Middle Egyptian inscriptions that name Joseph, Manasseh, Ephraim, Shechem (Manasseh’s son), persuasive signs of Joseph’s administration as Egypt’s vizier, uniquely-Israelite domestic architecture that later is found to distinguish their homes in Canaan, and proto-consonantal inscriptions that name three biblical figures, among other forms of evidence.

The importance of this volume cannot be overstated, because professors in universities around the world have used the lack of any evidence of Israelites in Egypt during the Bible’s Egyptian sojourn to ridicule the concept of the historical reliability of the biblical text. With the publication of this book, for the first time ever, powerful evidence is presented that will refute these criticisms for any objective thinker. Students will be equipped with strong argumentation that they can use to rebut the unfair accusations of biased university professors. Jews and Christians who believe in the reality of the Egyptian sojourn and exodus will be vindicated in their conviction that the Bible presents a historical account of these events. These two books go hand in hand to provide a brand new day for the field of biblical history.

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