Documentary Review: Patterns of Evidence, The Exodus

by Jon Kauffman

Today I watched the Documentary: Patterns of Evidence, Exodus for the 4th time.

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During the 1950’s Skepticism of the historicity of the Biblical account of the Exodus began to grow as it appeared the timelines between the Bible and Egypt did not align. Many archeologists today say that the Exodus never happened.

Tim Mahoney began looking into the Exodus. Was there hard evidence that it happened. Tim traveled to the place where the stories happened. He traveled to Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Many scholars say that the Exodus would have happened in the time of Ramesses and occurred about 1250 BC. Tim went to the Middle East to find out the truth.

The Bible mentions the Israelites built the city of Ramesses. But there is no evidence for the Israelites in the city of Ramesses.

Tim found Manfred Beitak. Manfred Beitak has been digging at Avaris a huge town of 25,000 to 30,000 near the city of Ramesses. It appeared that the people at the site matched the story of the Bible. Manfred said that the site was too early to be the Israelites.

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Tim interviews many scholars and archeologist who believe the exodus did not happen. He interviews scholars and archeologists who did think it happened. Tim wanted to hear all views and find the truth.

Jesus gave Moses great importance. If there is no evidence for the exodus in Egypt and if the exodus never happened, then Christianity and Judaism are built on a lie.

It is true that there is no evidence at the time of Ramesses but there is evidence for an earlier time.

Tim wanted hard evidence. He had to return to Egypt. He began to find problems in the Chronology of Egypt. As he searched for evidence he began to see that Ramesses was not the pharaoh of the exodus. As events unfold Tim began to find strong evidence for the exodus. When Egypt’s timeline is corrected, the evidence in Egypt and Israel align perfectly.

Tim found evidence for the Israelite’s, for Joseph, and for the plagues in Egypt. In Israel he found that archeological evidence of the burning and destruction of Jericho and the other cities destroyed by Joshua aligned with the stories of the Bible and the evidence for the exodus in Egypt.

Other evidence includes an Egyptian document discussing the plagues, evidence that the contemporary understanding of the timeline is wrong, evidence that Egypt experienced famine in the time of Joseph, evidence that Joseph built a canal to control flooding and many other items of evidence.

I found the conclusions of this film to be very convincing and a great addition to the foundation of my faith. We have scientific evidence that the exodus really did happen.

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