Silly Joke #1

A Catholic priest, a Salvation Army colonel and a Mennonite bishop were friends who lived in the same city. They were friends because they belonged to the city ecumenical club.

They decided to attend an ecumenical conference and to demonstrate their ecumenicism they rode together for the four hour drive. After the conference they discovered the keys in the ignition and the doors locked.

The Catholic priest said, “Let’s break the window and fix it when we get home.”

The Mennonite bishop said, “No it’s my car, we can’t do that. I’ll call my wife and she’ll bring the extra keys.”

The Salvation Army Colonel disagreed, “We’d wait four hours for the keys and then it would still be a four hour drive home. Let’s call a locksmith.”

They began to argue spiritedly holding tight to their positions. After an half hour of arguing, with the same success convincing each other as they had when they argued theology, they seemed to be getting nowhere.

Suddenly the Catholic priest said, “We must resolve this quickly! Look at those storm clouds. In 5 minute it will begin pouring down rain and the inside of the car will get all wet if we don’t get that top up.

Borrowed from Christian Nonviolence and the Desire to Know the Truth by Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy.

This joke was also told by Ronald Reagan.

Three fellows came out of a building and discovered the keys were locked in the car. One of them said, “Get me a coat hanger and I’ll straighten it out and unlock the door.” The second one said, “No you can’t do that, someone will think you’re stealing the car.” The third one said, “Well we better do something because it’s starting to rain and the top’s down.”

Compilation of Ronald Reagan’s Humor from Selected Speeches, 1981-89.

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